What's Next in 360°

Vision City is working on a system to showcase fashion in 360°! Shooting live models, we'll be able to produce a full 360 degree view of any clothing that will surpass anything you've seen in fashion photography. Imagine everything from bridal gowns to coture collections viewable from every angle with the sheen, texture and every detail of visual beauty captured. Stay tuned, it's coming soon - if you're interested in this application for your fashions, please contact us at (647) 716-7746 or by email at to be one of the first, exclusive firms to use this new system.

One other area we are fine-tuning is a system for delivering panoramic tours of places and buildings. With the ability to view lush, full-screen panoramas of any location, we will feature navigation built right into the scene, so that you can move from one place to another within the parnorama without the need for extra menus, buttons or links. If you want to stay updated on how these projects are deveoping, drop us an email at or call us at (647) 716-7746.