360º Experiences, Engage Your Customers, Boost Your Sales

360MAX develops immersive systems that let your customers experience your products in an interactive 360º experience.

We make products come alive on the web

We Create Interactive 360º Systems That Are Designed to Increase Your Online Sales

Your brand's image is a valuable commodity. Telling your brand's story online when customers come to buy your products is essential for connecting with customers, and making more sales!

360MAX creates interactive 360º product experiences that will showcase your products online in a highly unique way. Our systems deliver an engaging online experience, connecting customers with your products that can lead to increased sales.

Our Team

We're a lean team who craft captivating digital media

Tom Scherbluk 360MAX
Tom Scherbluk, B.Sc., MBA
Director of Client Services
Tara Brasier 360MAX
Tara Brasier
Product Experience Director
About Us

We have many decades of combined marketing and communications experience

We combine marketing, engineering, and communications skills that help us craft amazing digital products.
Tom's strengths as a marketing strategist and technology specialist, combined with Tara's business, communications and teaching backgrounds gives us the ability to develop remarkably unique digital engagement experiences for your customers.
We tailor 360º experiences for specific marketplaces and brand needs, so that your customers are fully engaged when they shop on your website.

Product Engagement

Customers who are more engaged in the shopping experience will be more likely to buy online. We deliver the ultimate in interactivity to enhance the online shopping experience.

Brand Reinforcement

Telling customers about your brand's rich history helps create a connection to your products. Giving your customers the ability to learn about your brand's value and how it is part of every product is a highly effective way to engage your website visitors.

Social Media-Friendly

We provide customers a 360º experience of your products online. We also provide the tools to help get the word out online through social media - with animated gifs and tailored graphics that grab attention on social media.

Be a Visual Innovator!

Let's have a quick discussion! We'd be thrilled to talk to you about how our 360º visuals can have customers paying attention to your site over the competition.

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Our Benefits

Why Choose 360MAX

Shopping, Optimized

Give online shoppers a detailed 360º view of your products - you'll captivate and inform them.

Be a visual innovator

Communicate the nuances of your products like never before! Giving your web visitors 360º products to interact with will make your shopping destination a lot more exciting!

Flexible Solutions

We'll optimize a package for you that will deliver the best brand experience for your products.

Communicate Powerfully

Visuals are your best form of communication. Allowing your customers to interact with those visuals delivers a clarity of communication that improves buying decisions.

Simple Implementation

We host everything and provide you with code to add to your websites. No bandwidth issues. No coding complexity. Let's hear it for simlicity!

Easy to Customize

Once a 360º view of your product is produced, the visual features that can be added on are up to your imagination.

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