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Strategic Planning

At the start of every project, we work with you determine the big picture your marketing plan. Together, we'll set the strategic direction to be charted and provide guidance on everything from how to launch a new product to creafting an awesome video.


We carry out a thorough analysis to start with. It's important to know everything from who your audience is to what the competition is doing (or not doing). This ensures a detailed and actionable plan is built for us to ramp up a well-targeted and successful execution.


This is where the magic is unleashed! We launch into full creative mode to develop, fine-tune, roll out and monitor compelling marketing products - from upgrading your web presence, to running virtual product demonstrations or developing more comprehensive video to captivate your target audience with.

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B2B Communications - fresh and captivating. We work with clients who aren't afraid to market in unique new ways. Here's some of our key client focus areas this year:
Customer Retention
Interactive Content
Video Production
About Us

About Us


We're a lean, responsive team who take the time to get to know you and your business. This has always been the successful first step in how we craft captivating marketing programs that will enhance the performance of your business.

We combine our collective knowledge of marketing, engineering, and design to craft amazing digital products for a range of clients - from electronics and materials processing to power generation, industrial fabricaiton and education (just to name a few industries).

Tom Scherbluk

Founder, VisionCity
Mechanical Engineer since 1989
B2B Marketer since 1994

Tom leads Vision City with both a right-brain and left-brain approach, crafting inventive marketing solutions that get clients exceptional results. Tom has been in the marketing field since the 1990's, working with a myriad of clients in B2B and B2C circles. Tom's strengths as a communications professional emerge from his ability to stay attuned to trends and technology while also focusing on how to best implement effective strategies for clients.


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