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Things may be getting economically challenging in the near term.
We're here to help you set a clear strategic direction through rough waters.
In tough times, you need distinctive, client-focused content that keeps you top-of-mind in your marketplace.


We may be subject matter experts in many B2B areas, but, we're still going to ask a lot of questions.
It's what helps us analyze and understand your business, your market and your competitors. The up-front work helps us zero in on the optimal content that will grab your audience's attention and hold on to it.


We hit the ground running with a detailed, actionable plan custom-built for you.
We do it all - develop, publish, monitor and fine-tune your marketing communication program. It may be anything from blog and social media content for SEO and brand engagement, to captivating video or powerful virtual product demonstrations that sell.

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Content marketing will be your firm's saving grace when the economic s**t hits the fan.
We work with clients who aren't afraid to market in unique and captivating ways. This year, we've been focusing on these areas:
Email Marketing
Video Content
Interactive Content
About Us

About Us


We're a lean, responsive team who take the time to get to know you and your business. This has always been the crucial first step in how we craft captivating marketing content that will enhance the performance of your business.

We tap into our collective knowledge of marketing, engineering, and design to craft amazing digital content for a range of clients - from electronics and materials processing to power generation, industrial fabricaiton and education.

Tom Scherbluk

Marketing Director, VisionCity
Mechanical Engineer since 1989
B2B Marketer since 1994

Tom leads Vision City with a right-brain and left-brain approach, crafting inventive marketing solutions that get clients exceptional results. He's been in the marketing field since the 1990's, working with a vast array of clients in B2B circles. Staying attuned to trends and technology while delivering clear, impactful content is how he consistently drives sales for clients.


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